ERP case studies can be used as a basis of learning the best practices for successful implementation of ERP software. Each of these customers had unique operational barriers with their enterprise software system. These case studies highlight how  our solution enabled them to overcome those challenges.

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Mobile productivity is no longer a luxury—it’s fundamental to support a happy and productive workforce. Its is also listed in the top three challenges faced by CIOs today. Read how nicheBees’ enterprise mobility solutions allow access to the apps and data people need, finding ways to empower employees, delight customers and transform the business. 



Cloud isn’t just for startups or technology firms. Explore cloud case studies that reveal how cloud computing is used by enterprises of all types to transform their businesses.



Our clients need to improve performance through effective knowledge sharing. We help our customers succeed by focusing on what drives user adoption, and by following a process of continuous measurement, refinement and enhancement that delivers results.

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Big Data and IoT

Big data and IoT apply across functions and sectors and for any organization seeking to shape its own transformation journey.


Mr. Samson Dsouza | AVP – Technology (Mobility) | ICICI Lombard

nicheBees has been the perfect technology partner for us for over 3+ years. They bring a high standard of performance, keen technical resources, an unparalleled work ethic, and do it all seamlessly as an extension of my own IT department. From mobile application development and support, nicheBees has consistently exceeded my, and my customers, expectations by providing quality solutions to an ever-growing complex technology landscape. My IT function is proportionately enhanced by their contributions. A strategic partner for certain!

Mr. Saeed El Halal | Vice President, Business Systems | Future Pipe Industries

“nicheBees helped us GO LIVE, successfully with Infor SCM Planner. FPI can openly accept the professionalism and knowledge levels of nicheBees in this domain. They have product knowledge, business knowledge and willingness to listen to our business needs with empathy. I would not hesitate to recommend this professional services company for their knowledge, skills, and commitment”

Co-founder | Valay Technologies

“It’s been one of the best experiences working with the nicheBees team. Highly motivated, customer oriented and well-organized team. Always look at continuously improvising their processes to enhance customer satisfaction”

IT Head | Swiss Manufacturing Company

“nicheBees has always been our valued partner. Their team has hands-on as well as planning, designing, architectural and quality assurance experience with a service-oriented attitude”

Project Manager | Middle East Based Retail Company

“nicheBees team delivered the project on time. Hardworking team members who delivered all goals to our satisfaction followed up regularly and we were happy with the end results. Definitely, recommend them for LN development and customization projects that require sincere efforts & timely solution”

Understanding Repetitive Manufacturing

nichebees blog understanding repetitive manufacturingWhenever we talk about types of manufacturing process we understand there are 5 types but do we truly understand how each manufacturing process differentiate from each other? I would try and approach each manufacturing process separately.Today we are going to talk about repetitive manufacturing by breaking it into What? When?


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Manufacturing Goes Digital - Connecting the Shop floor

The Business world has changed dramatically in the recent years, and this has a significant effect on the manufacturing sector. In the current VUCA (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, and Ambiguity) world, driving operational excellence has become a continuous improvement process for manufacturers.


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Exploring Inventory Valuation Approaches

nicheBees blog exploring inventory valuation approaches

Choosing the correct inventory valuation method is a crucial step for a business and can have a significant impact on reported profitability, so here we’ll look at the strengths and weaknesses of each approach. Inventory is defined as assets that are intended for sale, are in process of being produced for sale or are to be used in producing goods.

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Enterprise Mobility for Manufacturing Industry

nicheBees’ thrust is on developing solutions and services that help companies improve their operations in today’s ‘e- Manufacturing’ paradigm, leveraging the power of the technology to drive improved efficiencies across the value stream of the enterprise. Learn how enterprise mobility can be crucial for you and what are the opportunities, factors, use cases and overall mobile strategy.

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Solving 10 Key Manufacturing Challenges Using SharePoint

Major challenges faced by most organizations today are increasing productivity, managing an overload of complex information and making teams work together. These challenges are amplified particularly in the manufacturing industry. To give a better sense of what all SharePoint can do beyond the most basic document storage and sharing tasks, we’ve put together 10 key manufacturing challenges and ways to tackle them using SharePoint.

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Have you considered ERP updates for your organizational success? Future is NOW !!

The typical age of an ERP solution release in a mid-market company is more than 7 years. A whole lot of change can occur within this time in terms of business expansion & technology/ regulation inclusions. During the past couple of years, there has been a drastic change in the ERP ecosystem.

Successful organizations need to think ahead of time stay competitive.

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Learn How To Improve Your Disaster Recovery Plan With Cloud

A disaster can strike at any time, disrupting the delivery of software applications to your customers and your business’ continuity. Whether it’s due to an outage in your network, a natural disaster, or a bug in your code, downtime can bring your business to a halt, leading to lost time, customers and revenue. That’s why having a disaster recovery (DR) plan is so important.

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Engineer to Order in Discrete Manufacturing - Process & Challenges

Engineer to order is becoming one of the fast-adaptive process by manufacturing industry, for its ability to create products\services as per customer’s exact requirements. Previously customers used to purchase products with nearest fit requirement and use it. With evolving time, everybody wants their product to be unique from each other, and to achieve this, engineering to order is one the best process that can be followed by the manufacturer.

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Artificial Intelligence, Bots and ERP

We all know Artificial Intelligence (AI) is coming in a big way and one industry that’s grappling with this question is the ERP space. Where and how will AI augment ERP systems and the businesses that use them?

Without a doubt, artificial intelligence (AI) will have a profound impact on the footprint of ERP solutions in the foreseeable future. AI will enable organizations to further optimize their operating model made up of business processes, software applications, governance structures and technology infrastructure.

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Leveraging SharePoint to Succeed With Your Digital Workplace Strategy

The complexity of technology in an enterprise creates difficulty among the users. It comes with several challenges including limited availability of mobile tools, bad usability, multiple logins, functional overlap of tools, and lack of integration. With a digital workplace strategy in place, these challenges can be mitigated by providing a holistic and people-centric approach to support digital working.

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Cost Control Techniques in ERP

One of the major objectives of having an ERP LN in an ever-growing business environment is to achieve cost control. Along with cost control, it also increases efficiency, improves quality, productivity and profitability. A properly implemented ERP system provides a distinctive level of visibility and control which is simply not otherwise possible in a complex modern business.

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Re-imagining ERP in the Digital Era

For over 2 decades, ERP systems have played a pivotal role of connecting critical business operations within an organization. ERP in its best form, can provide information visibility, boost customer responsiveness, optimize inventory and eventually provide the organization a “Single Version of Truth”.

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nicheBees proud association with Messer Cutting Systems (Coimbatore, India), for their Infor ERP LN implementation - September, 2018

We are pleased to announce our win and association with Messer Cutting Systems, Coimbatore India, for their Infor ERP LN implementation project.

Messer Cutting Systems is a global supplier of cutting technology, providing services for the metal-working industry, setting standards worldwide. As an industry pioneer, they offer complete solutions, with an active presence in more than 50 countries and having 900+ employees in 5 main locations with production sites.

nicheBees’ differentiating factor for this successful win :-

  1. Our capability to understand their business needs and provide suitable solution
  2. Deep demonstrated industry and ERP LN expertise
  3. Strong success stories for similar implementations
  4. Flexible engagement models
  5. Our passion and entrepreneurial enthusiasm

In case of more information, you can reach out to our team at


nicheBees Alliance Partnership with Infor India Pvt. Ltd. - February, 2018

We are thrilled to announce our Alliance Partnership with Infor (India) Pvt Ltd., effective from February, 2018.


This partnership aims at providing solutions and services related to Infor products within the enterprise and technology market, designed to help companies improve their operational efficiency. nicheBees and Infor would be working together at the planning and designing levels to leverage relevant products and services, delivering the greatest value to our end customers.


About nicheBees Technosolutions: –

nicheBees Technosolutions is a technology and business solutions and services company, advising global organizations on Enterprise Applications, Business Process Optimization and Product Development Services. We provide application services for Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Supply Chain Solutions that helps business achieve more profitability. Our Technology focus encompasses Cloud, Enterprise Mobility, SharePoint & Digital Transformation services, improving business agility and operational efficiency.

About Infor: –

Infor is an enterprise software provider and strategic business partner for more than 90,000 organizations worldwide. Their software is purpose-built for specific industries, providing complete suites that are designed to support progress—for individuals, for businesses, and across networks.

nicheBees partners with ASG Technologies Group, Inc. - April, 2018

nicheBees is pleased to announce its partnership with ASG Technologies Group, Inc. This partnership extends nicheBees’ Enterprise Mobility capabilities with the introduction of ASG’s low-code agile platform “MOWBLY”, enabling rapid web and mobile application development.

About ASG TechnologiesASG provides global organizations with a modern approach of Digital Transformation to succeed in the Information Economy. Its Information Management solutions enable companies to find, understand, govern and deliver information of any kind, from any source – whether structured or unstructured – through its lifecycle from capture to analysis to consumption.

ASG is proud to serve more than 3,000 customers worldwide in 60 countries and in top vertical markets including Healthcare, Financial Services, Insurance and Government. Read more at 

nicheBees 8th Annual Day Event - December, 2017

Annual day’s are known to excite and leave lasting impressions on all the employees, boosting their morale and recognizing the good work. We proudly celebrate our 8th annual day, at Anantagiri Hills, making it a memorable event, until next year.

nicheBees annual day 2017

nicheBees association with Singapore based manufacturing organization on Enterprise Consulting - July, 2017

nicheBees is proud to be associated with one of the world’s top manufacturers of hearing aids, based out of Singapore. This collaboration on the enterprise consulting focuses majorly on customization and optimization of various modules in Infor LN such as Finance, Logistics and Tools.

nicheBees enters into "defense and space" vertical with implementation of Infor LN modules - February, 2017

nicheBees is proud to be associated with a Middle East based global manufacturer of airborne, land and naval systems, developing products for defense, homeland security and commercial applications. This collaboration on the enterprise consulting focuses majorly on implementation of manufacturing and logistics module in Infor LN.

Enterprise Mobile solution for shop-floor digitization - January, 2016

nicheBees is proud to be associated with a European manufacturer of “intelligent” heating solutions. The enterprise solution solution developed by nicheBees enabled them with a real time visibility in their shop floor along with tracking the work in progress. The final result of this application was an “On The Go” mobile app with all the modules of the shop floor integrated in real time. The application was able to provide triggers and alerts for every change on the shop floor along with OEE data at fingertips.

Dealer Management system developed for world's third largest manufacturer of construction machinery - December, 2015

nicheBees is proud to be associated with a leading privately owned engineering and manufacturing companies in the UK and the world’s third largest manufacturer of construction machinery. The solution aimed at developing a dealer management system to measures dealer’s benchmark and also allows to chart successes and pinpoint dealer’s performance across the enterprise.

nicheBees is proud to be associated with Avekxa Healthcare Pvt. Ltd. - November, 2015

nicheBees is proud to be associated Avekxa Healthcare Pvt. Limited, a provider of customized Digital Wellness Management Services including Lifestyle Management, Disease Management and Mental Health / Stress Management Programs. nicheBees has developed the complete mobile solution to facilitate their offerings related to rehab, nursing and diagnostic services.

The mobile app have modules such as like care manager, doctor, patient/ relatives manager, corporate manager and an overall admin. The web application encompasses modules like training, operations management, user management, asset management, scheduling and other with daily summary reports and back-end integrations

nicheBees & AWS Partner Event Hyderabad - August, 2015

Enterprise Mobile solution for a leading private sector general insurance company - January, 2015

nicheBees is proud to be associated with one of the leading private sector general insurance companies in India, assisting them on enterprise mobility. The solution developed by nicheBees enables field level agents to perform activities and collect data required for insurance division, providing scalability through back end services.

Implementation and Support

nicheBees announces signing of Implementation review and support of Supply chain planner project in Asia. nicheBees will review and suggest optimization recommendations for the customer. The customer uses Infor SCM Planner (APS solution) for centralized planning. Upon successful completion, customer will be able to do centralized finite planning for their manufacturing sites in Asia. Infor SCM Planner will help customer as decision support system to identify inventory problems, chronic material shortages, balance shop floor loading and do Available To Promise and Capable To Promise checks.

Go-live Support for Infor APS

nicheBees signs up for the functional support, interface audit/maintenance and go-live support for Infor SCM Planner in the Middle East. The client is the global leader in the large-diameter fiberglass pipe industry, developing, manufacturing and supplying pipe systems to a broad range of markets around the world. nicheBees will help the customer to benefit from multisite capacity planning for their complex machines, distribute demand based on the available capacity and have supply chain visibility across the different companies.