Infor LN 10.4 India Localization Implementation

Infor LN 10.4 India Localization Implementation

Messer Cutting Systems is one of the top tier solution providers for the metal processing industry. Messer is a manufacturer and supplier of a wide range of cutting systems and services. Since its inception in 1898, Germany, Messer has spread across globally through-out Europe, Asia and the Americas

Having been faced few complications and drawbacks with their initial implementation of Infor LN in Messer GmbH, they were in the lookout for a trust-worthy partner for the next iteration of implementation at Messer India (group company). After thorough evaluation of the propositions from various consulting firms, Messer choose to go with nicheBees Techno solutions Pvt Ltd. for our portrayal of the niche approach and strategy for the implementation of Infor LN 10.4 India Localization



  • Legacy ERP system which did not have the flexibility and capability to scale up with production planning and supply chain requirements
  • Client had nesting process (laying of cutting patterns to minimize raw material waste) for metal sheets that they consume for production. They were using an application completely independent of the ERP system which resulted in extra efforts and data duplication.
  • Managing the communication with the suppliers for the order confirmation information was critical for meeting the production requirements/deadlines.
  • Various statutory reporting requirements and internal report requirements which were handled by legacy system since it was an in-house built application. They wanted to have the same requirements met with Infor LN
  • Client had few processes like intercompany transfers, financial reporting and returnable items which are supposed to mapped as assets in the system
  • Inventory write off - Client had very high and vague historical transactional data of inventory which was also needed to uploaded in the new system to perform and analysis comparing the current inventory and latest transactions (was after GO LIVE) to reduce the inventory value which was not moving for a certain period of time
  • DEM - legacy system was not capable of handling user role specific authorization and data visibility features


  • Implemented 10.4 India Localization
  • Developed a customized solution for the nesting process where the client was to maintain the nesting data and use it for production, thereby reducing efforts and data duplication
  • Data migration from the legacy was handled successfully using exchange schemes and upload programs (for transactional data) with no data loss or discrepancies
  • Automated the supplier communication process and the vendor rating process with a customization which ultimately resulted in meeting production deadlines
  • Successfully developed all the statutory report requirements before GO-LIVE and various other internal reports as well through Hi-dox
  • With Infor LN client was able to map new or complex business process such as inter-company, service subcontracting etc which were not possible in their legacy ERP
  • User role-based information authorization was successfully handled through the setup of DEM which was not available in their legacy
  • Have created a customized solution for the upload historical transactional data which enabled them to compare and analyse the non-moving inventory.


The Result of Our Work

Successfully gone Live without any delays, was able to make shipment and the customized invoice on the first day. Monthly closures started through systems right from 2nd month


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