Baan IVc4, EPLN, WMS Support and rollouts

Baan IVc4, EPLN, WMS Support and rollouts

The Chalhoub Group is the leading partner for luxury across the Middle East since 1955. As an expert in retail, distribution and marketing services based in Dubai, the Group has become a major player in the beauty, fashion and gift sectors regionally. Chalhoub Group is building brands in the regions, With a growing workforce of more than 12,000 people, in 14 countries, as well as operating over 600 retail stores, the Group's success is attributed to its most valued asset highly skilled and dedicated teams. Professionalism and passion are what fuel the Chalhoub Group's competitive edge in today's market.

Chalhoub groups wanted to migrate all the business in countries from Baan IVc4, ERPLN ERP to Oracle ERP, At the same time they had a challenge to support their daily business centrally in 20 countries and 600 retail shops. Chalhoub required a dedicated team to help them to provide the Migration data from Baan system.



  • Client required to manage 20 countries with a centralized Administration and support process for 600 retail shops.
  • Client had challenge in integrating the real time Sales between the retail shops and ERPLN system with automating the process.
  • Clients wanted to do the roll outs of countries using physical ERPLN system to virtual system with a minimal downtime (one night).
  • Clients wanted to do the roll outs of Arabian countries with Arabization using physical ERPLN system to virtual system with a minimal downtime (one night).
  • Client wanted to create a real time ageing of the products even considering the warehouse transfers and adjustments.
  • Client had a challenge to migrate the data from Baan IVc4, ERPLN to Oracle.
  • Client had a challenge of doing the archiving process of all the companies in the countries to maintain and improvise the performance.
  • Chalhoub had a challenge of monitoring and fine tuning the performance of all the companies migrated to Virtual servers.


Chalhoub decided to engagement nicheBees as their business partner as nichebees proposed them an innovative proposal to help them over come the hurdles.

  • Nichebees proposed an internal team to support the daily business with a support process of three levels (initial support, Local country support and centralized Expertise support)
  • Nichebees was involved in the training of the Initial and Local Support to handle the daily Business giving a no time resolutions with a ticketing system.
  • Nichebees has proposed and carried out a step by step process to handle the Rollouts and Arabization Migration in minimal downtime.
  • Nichebees team was involved in training the local support and setting up a process for the archiving in periodic basis which improved the performance.
  • Nichebees build a real time integration system to and from Retail shops (Point of sale) to Infor ERPLN system thereby automating the process with minimal manual intervention.
  • Nichebees technical team proposed and implemented a real time calculative algorithm to determine the ageing of the products.


The Result of Our Work

Chalhoub Group successfully implemented the process proposed by nichebees which helped them to support the daily business with immediate resolutions and thereby achieving the migration and implementing of new ERP system in all the counties at the same time without any delay in the implementation plans.


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