The Business world has changed dramatically in the recent years, and this has a significant effect on the manufacturing sector. In the current VUCA (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, and Ambiguity) world, driving operational excellence has become a continuous improvement process for manufacturers.

Increasing competitive pressures, strict regulations, rising costs, customer preferences, and scheduling are challenging the manufacturing organizations to increase their flexibility. Manufacturing industries are challenged with doing more with their current teams, processes, tools, and resources, while still providing the highest level of quality and value.

Manufacturing Eco-System
Most functions of the manufacturing enterprises (Shop-Floor) rely on paper documents and templates to provide and capture the data. Right from the Tasks List, Routing Sheet, Design Documents to the Transaction Data such as Quantities completion from the field, and update this data back into the ERP System. This process can lead to various issues, including the lack of real-time data, duplication of work, error-prone data entry, and delayed response, which will eventually lead to delayed shipments and dissatisfied customers.

Furthermore, as manufacturers grow in size and complexity, their ability to leverage data to improve the decision-making capabilities and enhance the production processes capabilities rapidly diminishes.

Manufacturing Goes Digital
Often it is unclear for many people, why the new jargon such as “Digital Shop Floor” or “Connected Shop-Floor” is in use, while Automation is as old as manufacturing. Well, the traditional Automation systems were built from sensors that send data to the control systems which are part of the Machine itself. In most of the cases, Proprietary Communication software and Protocols are used to send the data to the control systems, and never shared with the out of the box for any kind of analysis purpose.

At the moment, the Fourth Industrial Revolution can still be seen as evolution. Although the movement Industry 4.0 is gaining momentum, no company can ignore the developments in shop floor digitalization; it is time to focus on the steps leading to the Smart Factory.

The trends such as IIoT and mobility has taken a boom in digitalizing the shop floor to capture the real-time data from machines and assembly lines and sending it back to ERP / BI Systems to let the users make informed decisions. The rapidly changing mobile landscape can offer manufacturers the capabilities needed to gather real-time data, processing the data to make smarter decisions and capitalize on the intelligence and knowledge gained from the data. With Enterprise Mobility that delivers real-time data, manufacturers can realize: –

  1. Increased Shop Floor Visibility – Capturing shop floor activity real-time is a powerful way to increase overall visibility. This, in turn, enables issues to be identified and addressed before they occur, to improve the efficiency of production processes
  2. Right Information at Right Time – Shop Floor Managers can easily view and monitor the shop-floor activities and provide the information to the teams that they need to get the job done and improve processes
  3. True Cost of the Product – By capturing the actual hours and materials spent for producing the products, the true cost of the product can be determined
  4. Go Green – Since the information required for producing the products, and reporting the quantities are now digital, the shop-floor will eventually become paperless. Be responsible for conserving the environment

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